PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening

Reporting Applications

workstation and app


In response to feedback from breast screening professionals, PERFORMS now offers a new and more flexible way to take part, via web applications. Once registered on our system, participants can now simply log on to one of our applications and report when convenient over a period of many weeks.


The applications are hosted on our servers at Loughborough, and participating centres simply require a compatible web browser either on their workstation or on a portable machine placed immediately next to the workstation.


In some cases local IT support may be required to give permission for the browser to reach our servers either via the N3/JANET gateway or via the internet. The server address is "" and this domain may need adding to the "White List" of any web security software.


The large mammographic DICOM images for loading to workstations/PACS will continue to be supplied separately, as they are now, so the web application is small and will not need a connection of any great bandwidth.


The Internet Explorer Reporting Application

The majority of the NHS is currently using Internet Explorer version 6 or 7. Therefore our online application is backward compatible to these versions, however we do advise the use of IE7 or later where possible.


The application can be reached by logging onto this site and selecting the "Access Reporting Application" tab. Please note that paticipants must first register an account with the scheme and have this approved by us before they can log in to the reporting application (see the 'create new account' optionm on the participants' portal login page).


The HTML5 Compatible Reporting Application:


As devices such as ipads are starting to become more common, we have developed a second version of the PERFORMS reporting application to take advantage of the extra scope these offer, in conjunction with HTML5 compatible browsers.


This version of the reporting application allows participants to take part offline, should there be no internet connection at their workstation, provided they can synchronise beforehand and also once they have completed. It also integrates seamlessly with modern touch-screen technology.


This version of the application has the following characteristics:

  1. The software is fully HTML based, with no client active-x or other software installation being required, just a standard HTML5 web browser (i.e. Chrome or Safari).
  2. The software runs securely over the standard HTTPS protocol using port 443 and should not require any firewall port or protocol changes.
  3. The software is downloaded when a user logs on for the first time, and can be deleted by emptying the "Temporary Internet Files" from the browser menu.
  4. Data are encrypted on the client and sent to the server using SSL encryption.
  5. No sensitive patient or user data is stored or transmitted (Just the PERFORMS user ID and their answers).
  6. The total one off size of the data being downloaded for the application is around 13Mb.
  7. The size of data packets during synchronisation is up to 25Kb per sync.
  8. Participants will be able to use the application with normal-user permissions. We may also offer additional functionality for local IT support with administrative permissions (to easily set up the application on behalf of multiple participants), but this would be a convenience rather than a necessity.
  9. For security reasons associated with the offline capability, this version of the application requires that each participant has a separate user account on the Operating System (this does not apply to the IE version, which must be online to authenticate with our servers).


Participants with no Internet Access

For those few participating centres that cannot arrange for internet access at (or on a machine immediately beside) their workstation, the PERFORMS HTML5 reporting application can be delivered pre-configured on an offline laptop. However please be aware that we have a limited number of laptops so all participants within a centre will need to take part in the same short time slot.