PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening

How the PERFORMS Scheme Works

Each year we amass a number of difficult and challenging screening cases which are sent to us from UK breast screening centres (we are always looking for more cases so please contact us if you think you have interesting cases). These cases are anonymised so that they contain no patient identifiable information. A number of expert screening radiologists review these cases judging their difficulty, suitability for the scheme and giving their opinions about various factors including the mammographic appearances.

Wacom touch screen to detail feature location

From the number of cases submitted we derive a set of cases to use in the scheme that year.

After registering with the scheme, an individual takes part by reading the set of cases and reporting their various decisions about each case. This is most conveniently done online by means of a web browser, but where that is not possible an offline version can be sent out to centres on a laptop. We currently offer the latest PERFORMS scheme in a digital format for viewing on mammographic workstations; film was withdrawn after SA11 as directed by the NHSBSP.


Having read the set of cases the participant receives immediate graphical feedback from the reporting software concerning how their decisions agree with those of an expert panel of radiologists and also on how well they identified early and difficult signs of abnormalities. Once everyone in the UK has taken part then all participants receive detailed and anonymous data such as shown here.