PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening

Current Scheme Progress

workstation and tablet

SA11 - closed

SA11 is now closed. Following analysis of National Results, the national reports for participants will be downloadable from their secure page on our customer portal, before the end of 2013 (participants will recieve an email notifying them when these are available).


The Next Scheme - SA12 part 1

SA12 part 1 is being created. Following collection of Expert Opinion and Radiological Comment from highly experienced breast screeners we will be making the new scheme available to NHS participants; this is dependent upon the Expert's availability, but is predicted to be from January 2014


The End of Film

PERFORMS sets have comprised only digitally captured images for some time, but has previously produced a printed film version for centres still to acquire sufficient soft-copy viewing capability. However, as directed by the NHSBSP who fund the scheme, from SA12, we will no longer be producing a printed film version of the image set; from this point forward, PERFORMS will offer exclusively soft copy digital images.