PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening


PERFORMS reporting application on ipad

NHS Breast Screening personnel

In order to participate in the PERFORMS scheme, NHSBSP professionals should first register by creating an account (see "Create new account" towards the top right of this page). We will then verify eligibility for the scheme before approving the account, which will permit participation.

  • If you are able to conduct digital screening we will send the PERFORMS case set to you (or your IT or PACs specialist) in soft copy format for loading on to the workstation or PACs that you are already familiar with using. If your centre has not previously had PERFORMS cases loaded, test images can be sent beforehand to ensure compatibility with your particular system.
  • Only digitally acquired FFDM images are used (we will no longer be offering a hard copy version after SA11, as directed by the NHSBSP).
  • Reporting is normally carried out via our online web application running in a browser, either on your workstation or on a separate laptop immediately next to it. The NHS typically uses Internet Explorer version 6 or later; our application is compatible with that, but prior discussions may be required with your IT support professionals to facilitate it.
  • For centres where there is no access to our online application from at, or immediately beside, the workstation, we can send a laptop running an offline version instead. However, the need to turn around laptops requires that all participants in a centre participate during a relatively short time period.
  • All your confidential results and reports will be accessible on this website by logging into the secure section of this site. From July 2010 we have stopped printing and mailing your results and reports.

Non BSP Sectors

If you would like to participate in the PERFORMS scheme and work within the UK but are not employed in the UK’s NHS Breast Screening Programme (e.g. a symptomatic radiologist) then it may be possible for you to do so, if it is appropriate, by paying a suitable fee. Please contact us for further information.

Non NHS Services

If you are from outside the UK and are interested in undertaking the PERFORMS scheme then this is possible; we are developing a sister website to help answer any of your queries. In the meantime please just contact Alastair for further information.