PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening

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mammography screening

This web site is for health professionals and associated research scientists. If you are looking for information on breast cancer or breast cancer support then please visit our related links page.

The PERFORMS scheme is for breast screening professionals and the IMPROVE scheme is for technologists and advanced practitioner radiographers undergoing training.

PERFORMS is an educational self assessment and training scheme for breast screening professionals.

Registered NHS participants wanting to sit PERFORMS:

We have updated our system to provide a single point of access to all PERFORMS services. Registered NHS participants looking to access the PERFORMS reporting application for Internet Explorer should now log onto this web site (towards the top right of the page), then you will find a tab called "Access Reporting Software" towards the top of the screen.


Please note that if you have not received notification from us that your centre is able to take part in the latest scheme, you may not yet be able to do so.


PERFORMS is a registered trademark

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