PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening

NHS Participants

workststion and reporting app

Participants' Secure Portal

PERFORMS offers a secure portal for participants to register and subsequently maintain their user account details, and also to access their reports and other information. Brief reports will be available for download soon after participants have completed each scheme. Later, following completion of the scheme by all participants, a more detailed report will become available allowing comparison with National performance.


The secure portal can be accessed by logging onto this web site (towards the top right of this page).

Reporting Application

Participants take part by reporting into the PERFORMS application. The majority of NHS participants do so online using Internet Explorer, on or next to their mammographic workstation.

The secure portal can be accessed by logging onto this web site (towards the top right of this page)and using the "Access Reporting Software" tab towards the top of the screen.


Please note that before you can use the application you must first have registered with us using the Secure Portal above. Following approval of your registration (which may take a few days) then you will be able to log onto the current scheme.


Please also note that the reporting application does not include the mammographic images; these will have been delivered to your centre for loading to the PACS or workstation separately, this is in order that participants may use a workstation and software with which they are familiar. (Participants will not be assigned to new schemes until we have received confirmation that the relavent cases are loaded for them).

Offline Reporting

For participants who cannot access the online application from (or immediately by) their workstation, we are able to send a laptop running an offline version instead. Though please note that this will require everyone in a centre to sit PERFORMS during the short time for which a laptop is available.

General Information for Participants

More general information and resources for participants concerning the scheme, its progress and new features are also available. Please see the ' NHS Participants' sub-menu to the left (new items will appear when applicable).